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Life in an Outdoor Studio

Working with clay outdoors puts you at the whim of the weather. The rare, hard freeze can stop production and crystalize and ruin any piece that is not really dry. But during the not-so-rare triple digit highs of summer, work … Continue reading

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Handing Down the Art of Calligraphy

Clayworks has been hand lettering clay tiles for decades. Most of the work is done for church, school, and nonprofit “name-tile” fundraising projects. My dad, who had some experience in pen and paper calligraphy, learned to apply the technique to … Continue reading

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Reviving Mud

Written by Alice (the potters’ daughter) The last post from Clayworks here on our blog, Mud was in 2013. I’m not sure what happened in 2014, but I know why there were no posts in 2015, ’16, or ’17. In … Continue reading

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Craftsman style lamps

We got an order for 3 of these craftsman sconces. Two will be glazed black and one will be left the terracotta clay. Angelica can be seen truing the bottom of the lamp so that it will be square. she … Continue reading

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