The Stagecoach Story



There was a very personal angle to this summer’s Stagecoach Inn project. The Inn, just down the road from my parents’ home in Belton, was the elegant special occasion place for me and my family. My late husband John and I held our wedding rehearsal dinner there in 1970. And my parents celebrated their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries, among many other family milestones, at the Stagecoach.

It has been a thrill to see the wall sconces handmade in our shop lighting the way in the newly refurbished Stagecoach and an honor to have some small part in bringing the Inn back to life.


Custom Sconce for Stagecoach Inn

The Stagecoach order for 175 sconces is the biggest lighting job we’ve ever had and custom to boot. It was a satisfying experience for many reasons. The design was well within our customary technique and the folks at Clayton & Little Architects who commissioned the work were flexible and friendly. They first asked us to come up with a design reflecting the pattern on an antique door at the Inn. But when their design director came to the studio to see the preliminary work, he noticed other finished work on the shelf and changed direction. We worked together to come up with a coach-sized sconce with an old school pull chain. The hand formed terra cotta bead on the end of the chain added just the right rustic touch

We’ve done a lot of custom work over the years, and that creative collaboration can be a joy. I remember opening a kiln full of happy looking frogs all ready to jump from the        firing into their role as fountain spouts. The frogs were part of the 2012 renovation of the Perry Estate reflecting pool in Austin.

So don’t be afraid to ask about custom.

frogs in kiln copy

stagecoach kiln 2


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