Day of the Dead (and discount code)


It’s safe to say that Day of the Dead is our favorite holiday here at Clayworks. When we were kids my dad made paper maché heads to put on sticks to line our sidewalk at Halloween. And he loved making colorful death-inspired masks out of clay in November; in fact the one playing the flute with his bony, skeleton hand was inspired by my clarinet-playing husband.


The “Night Rider” tile was one of the last tiles my dad made before he got sick, and was designed in collaboration with my brother. He also loved, each year, waiting outside his shop on East 6th Street for the Viva la Vida parade to come by, Austin’s 35-year-old Day of the Dead parade.


So as a way of celebrating the people we’ve lost here (and they are, unfortunately, too many in our small, extended Clayworks family), Angelica and Stewart are making old and new Day of the Dead tiles, candle coves, and masks. Come get yours.

Everything from the Day of the Dead collection on our website is 15% off today through November 7th — just use discount code “Day of the Dead” at check out.


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