Consider the Grackle

grackle“The grackles crack their throats of bone in the smooth air.  Moisture and heat have swollen the garden into a slum of bloom.”—Wallace Stevens

The Grackle is an unavoidable part of the soundtrack and setting of Austin, Texas.  When we at Clayworks first began to explore the idea of a Grackle theme exhibit to kick off our annual East Austin Studio Tour show, we wondered whether anyone besides ourselves found the ubiquitous bird an inspiration.  We began asking around and discovered that a number of Austin artists had been contemplating or even making Grackle art for a while.

Grackle Show at ClayworksThe original Great Grackle Show opened at Clayworks for the 2011 East Austin Studio Tour.   The show continues through March 2012 at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.  Participating artists are:

Kathleen Ash, Barbara Lugge, MAKEatx, Caroline Wright, Aly Winningham, Susan Wallace, Lyon Graulty, Stewart Gray, John & Chris Gray, Barbara Attwell, Ellen Gibbs, Phillip Wade, Carly Weaver, Melody Lytle, and Fran Berry.

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2 Responses to Consider the Grackle

  1. Chris, I’m a photographer, and I find myself taking more and more shots of grackles lately. Here’s one from yesterday:

    I’d love to participate in the next show.–Joe O’Connell, (therealjoeo at gmail dot com).

    • Chris Gray says:

      Nice shot, Joe. If we do another grackle themed show it will be next fall. Don’t hesitate to check back and remind me about your interest in September, say. Chris Gray

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